Not your stories.

I could sit and listen people talk about stories from their life experiences all day. I literally become entranced and almost always have questions for them once they’re done.

Everyone needs to tell their story.

Some brush off the opportunity to share like, “oh, no… people don’t want to hear that,” or “it’s just nothing special.” Okay one. Please… there have been so many times where I’ve said similar things and God  has humbled me in drastic ways, because here’s the thing…you never may know just how your story hits home for someone. Maybe it comes from straight out of left field when someone tells you how some experience, you know… the one that you thought was insignificant, rocked their world in some way. Then they continue to tell you all about their take-away from it. Two. it’s not really your story. Sorry, that’s a rough thing to hear, and you might not know how to handle that, because that story feels so personal, and maybe it taught you something that people don’t even know about. but it’s true. Pinholes. Everywhere. His story is the one that’s being shown through these pinholes in these stories of yours. Who are we to just decide if something is worthy of being told. We all have those trash-can stories, and no… those aren’t the ones im referring to. I’m talking about those life stories… those experiences that you’ve had… maybe with family, maybe in another country, heck, maybe they’re just stories of a cool conversation you heard while in the car with some of your best friends. Don’t write them off. Don’t write off the way that God has used so many (what you thought to be mundane) instances in your life in order to tell a greater story, for the sake of the growth of those you’re doing life around, life with. Tell those stories..because they’re important.



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