You want me to plant what, where?

” I want you to come up with a rough game plan of how to plant a church in this country ((specific, given on a sheet of paper)), despite drastic societal and cultural obstacles.”

If you had asked me to do this even a couple of days ago, I probably would have just looked at you like a deer caught in headlights. Ron has gone over strategies, personal stories of successes and failures, and pretty in depth insight as to what it can take in order to do this successfully. I never really thought that I would have enjoyed this class so much, but surprisingly, Ive found it really engaging. I typically learn more or am able to have more of a take-away when it comes to hours or teaching, when it’s intertwined with personal stories of how it’s affected the one that’s teaching… or how it’s affected someone that they know.

I stinking love culture… it’s so cool to see how what we’re learning goes over a lot of what we’re reading in the moment. Cross Cultural Connections–Stepping out, has a lot to say about leaving your comfort zones and preconceived ideas about what your personal culture or worldview deems as “wrong,” or, ” different.” When it comes to the idea of a church, and what it could look like when planted in another country, we have to be aware and ready to embrace that it could look radically different from what you’re anticipating. But that’s the beautiful thing right? Letting it take on a life of it’s own, as cultural uniqueness has it’s way, when something is birthed organically rather than being ridiculously westernly influenced? This is when the locals flourish, and things come to life, the way that truth comes to life, end up being unlike anything we could  have been anticipating.

Sure, when it comes to planting a church, there should be some non-negotiables, as it would be un-wise to dive right in, without. Something that I feel strongly about, is the fact that some think that you have to have a designated building that is used exclusively as the church. Personally, I’ve have more authentic, organic experiences and Spirit led conversations in the comfort of one’s home with small((ish)) groups of people, than I ever had in a large building or, a “church.”

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”-Matthew 18:20

I have seen some of the both beautiful moments come from intimate ((environment-wise)) settings… for me, it has be unparalleled.  This isn’t everyone’s experience though, and I have to be ready to engage in conversation with others that may feel a different way, that may feel like having a building is a non-negotiable.

Needless to say, it takes way more than I ever was aware of, in order to plant a church. I’m excited to plan with some of the other interns in order to see what a start-up could look like in the context of the culture that we’ve been given.


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