“Love for People makes our going Unstoppable.”

Did you know that we’re living in the most peaceful period in history?

Honestly, unless I really thought about it in order to answer this question, I’m not sure that I would have known this off the top of my head.

Some people these days like to reminisce, and talk about how this or that time in the past was so much better…”the good old days,” is what they typically say, whether joking or now. But in reality, yesterday wasn’t better… The world isn’t going to hell in a basket, and life is actually, despite popular belief, good.

Sure, I may not be completely convinced of where God is leading me in this season, to what capacity I’m to go into missions (length-of-time-wise), but one of my prayers in all of this is that the Lindsay that came into the commitment of this 9-month training program, won’t be the same one to leave. I want radical transformation, transformation that wrecks my heart some days, and to a degree, God’s already definitely doing a work in that. Most days I’m pretty uncomfortable… I can’t really explain it. I’m walking through some of these thoughts, knowing that God is having a field day, curbing some of these rough edges of my heart and poking and prodding as He’s re-shaping the way that I think about certain things. I’m absolutely sensitive to the fact that God got my attention when it comes to my willingness to the length I’ll go in order to show others His love and promise to them. He did this a long time ago.. and this commitment is proof that He’s been working to get me to do something like this for a long time now.

It was never promised to be easy, this life. It was never promised to be within the confines of my comfort zone, this internship. It was never promised to be black and white all of the way through.


Luckily I have a handful of the most secure promises that override the uncomfortability. Luckily I have the right people with me, and behind me, in a number of geographical locations, whispering words of encouragement on my hardest of days. Luckily I have the ability to grow in a love that makes my going unstoppable, regardless of my preconceived notions of what this could or should look like.




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