Drink the water.

Triple Filtered Water. Who in the world would have ever thought that I would become so dang booshie about the kind of water that I drink? My mom always told me growing up that water can fix just about anything in the human body… little did I know, she was right. That’s not the only thing she was right about though… it was probably just one of the first “little” things that I thought to myself, “Mom’s just saying that so I don’t order a 3$ soda from the restaurant that we’re going to.”

And lets be real, that part probably was semi-true, but at the same time, she knew what she was saying had a greater impact on my well-being. What does it mean for me to drink water now? Hahaha… well not only does that mean that I’m double fisting most days, coffee in one hand, a giant cup of water in the other… I usually look like this tiny human trying to take on way more than what’s realistic. It’s fine though, I’m fine.

Im realizing that I need to be taking in a couple different kinds of water though. Yes, I’m going to draw that parallel as I’m sitting here staring at my starbucks water cup, trying to think about what to blog about. Am I over-spiritualizing it? pshhhh. Think about it though… those days when you’re just dragging, tired out of your mind…how good does that water taste when it hits your lips. Or when you’re out by the pool? Or when you just get done taking a run in that weather that you really shouldn’t have ran 6 miles in? It’s so good right?

What about those days.. when you’re so out of sorts, your heart is weighed down.. things just look a little foggy. Linds… are you drinking the water? Now I’m talking a different kind of water. What a challenge on the days when I’m just bogged down, and quite frankly, not in the mood… These are the days when I need it the most. But how am I drinking even outside of those days, when things are going just swimmingly, when I feel like I’m jumping those hurdles of life without a problem? These are the days when I should be gearing up, taking the time to rest in truth and allow the Lord to write them on my heart as a means to encourage me on those really rough, exhausting days, when the heat is just too much, the fog is just too thick.. Go drink the water Linds.

So yes. Here I am, and yes.. I did just draw inspiration from the starbucks cup sitting in front of me. So yes, you’re welcome.


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