Tunnel Vision.

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. -Romans 8:18

I was reading today’s devotional during the ten minutes ((earlier, mind you)) that I was challenged to get up in order to do so. “What’s ten more minutes?” I thought to myself.. Honestly, it was a great story that was incorporated into the lesson reviewed at the end, but here it is, if anyone is interested in actually reading what it was about.

Streams in the Desert-Tribulation

I don’t ever want to short-cut the lessons that the Lord has to teach me, or what He has to teach others.. I realize that I can only see a very small part of a giant story, but it’s easier to say “bring on the trials, unmet expectations, and testing of circumstances,” than it is to actually go through it. Refinement isn’t something that you can rush. Its not something that you can try to get around when you feel uncomfortable. I think that the Lord is going to teach you certain lessons regardless of how you try to maneuver around circumstances… He’ll just have the lesson manifest itself somewhere else in your life, somewhere along the line. Maybe you’ll look back and think about how it would have been easier if you had just dug your heels in the first time. Maybe it’ll be through a harder circumstance, maybe a easier one. Who am I to say? But really, this devotional reminded me that we’re malleable- malleable enough to let the Lord squeeze us and shape us, because in the end, you gain the lens to appreciate life as being that much sweeter because of His faithfulness through and through no matter what.





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