“Ministry flows out of being.”

“If that’s the one thing that you remember after a week with me, sure, i’ll be a little sad, but that’s a pretty big thing to understand, so I’d be happy.”– after 5 sessions with one of the field leaders in the classroom over the course of this week, this is one of the final statements that he left us with.

I can confidently say that there’s a good bit more that I’ve retained over the course of this week, but this was something that settled soundly in my heart. It starts with a step of obedience, and deciding to continually pray to be sensitive and move when the Lord calls you to. Obedience flows out of a heart devoted to something. What are you devoted to? Obeying the word of Jesus doesn’t mean doing it because you’re supposed to, but because you love Him and therefore want to do it.

My heart so desires to be directed by the One that commands the sweet surrender of my heart and will out of love for Him. I’m challenged to regularly check the position of my heart and ask, Linds, is this desire, these words exiting your mouth, these thoughts that you’re having throughout the day, are they honoring to the Lord? If not, are you asking that they may be? Because this is a state of being… being and living out my life in the presence of Jesus on earth. Ministry can’t help but flow out of that.



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